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Suzanne Alejandre

E-mail Suzanne
Address:34786 Bella Vista Drive, Yucaipa, CA 92376
Phone: (909) 790-2040
School: Frisbie Middle School

Suzanne Alejandre attended the 1995 Geometry Forum Summer Institute, Constructing Geometry on the Internet. Since the spring semester of 1996 she has been a Forum Teacher Associate, speaking about the Forum site at math meetings in California and contributing a number of math Web units to the Forum site.

Suzanne's Web work began last summer with Tessellation Tutorials for HyperCard. During the school year she added directions for a number of other applications, and these tutorials were awarded a place on the Digital Dozen list for May 1996. In June she created a new Web unit on the mathematics, history, and geography of four different Magic Squares. In addition, Suzanne has contributed Web pages on Designs with Circles, Understanding Factoring through Geometry, and Understanding Algebraic Factoring.

Suzanne received her Master's Degree in Educational Technology in 1991, and is currently the computer/newspaper teacher at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California, where she is a member of the State's Mentor program. Next year she will also again be a member of California's Instructional Resources Evaluation Panel, which is responsible for reviewing and recommending the instructional resources for the supplemental mathematics adoption. She teaches 9-week classes using HyperCard and Claris Works for her beginning students; her newspaper students use Aldus PageMaker 5.0, Claris Works, Color It, Ofoto, and Netscape, and they telecommunicate using FrEdMail on an Apple IIgs server located in her classroom. Her classroom has 14 LC 580s, 1 LC 575, 3 IIsis, 2 LCs, and 16 Mac Pluses. The teacher station has a LC 580 and she uses a PowerBook 5300cs through the Mentor Program. Suzanne hopes to involve other California Mentors in the Math Forum Institute as online participants.

Suzanne's plans for summer Web work include adding to her tutorials such things as

She has always been intrigued by attempting to explain algebraic tasks in the language of geometry and expects also to expand her factoring pages.

You will find Suzanne's home page and can read all about her at

Working Group: Middle School Resources

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