The Box Puzzle!

This was an activity planned by Kimberly Drake. It was fun and entertaining, and brings out some good ideas. We all had a great time going through it!

This lesson involves pairing off and getting ready to study a pretty fancy cube. Each pair of people recieve a cube that has a few things printed on each face. The cube is placed face down on a table so that you cannot see one of the faces. The object is to deduce what is on the face from the other 5 faces.

Below is the cube, and can be viewed by Netscape 3 with the appropriate Quicktime QTVR Plug-in or Player Move the mouse over the cube; click, hold and drag either left or right. Go crazy!

We then discussed how we deduced what was on the bottom face; going around and sharing what we learned. We came close to the answer.

Good job Kimberly!

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