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July 15-19, 1996 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Mike DeFoe

Address: 501 N.E. 14th Street, Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301-1901
Phone: (701) 662-2107
School: Devils Lake High School

Mike DeFoe is the NCTM Representative for North Dakota and a member of the Executive Committee of the State Board of Directors of the North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He teaches math at Devils Lake High school and helps maintain Web pages for the Devils Lake public schools and the Lake Region (a page that uses student-created content). He was one of the early members of 'Send-It', North Dakota's Educational Telecommunication system.

Mike has had the opportunity to receive training about the Internet at various workshops and classes, and has completed his Masters of Arts in Teaching with a major in Mathematics and a concentration in Computer Science. He has taught staff development classes in computer applications, and was recently named the training coordinator for the regional telecommunications network. In addition, he has presented uses of technology in math at eight State conferences.

Mike's goal for the Math Forum's 1996 Summer Institute is to build an online resource of lesson plans and activities and/or projects for discrete math topics. His emphasis is on developing ideas for use in a limited time frame, such as one to two class periods. Topics such as logic, networks, graphs, circuits, modular arithmetic, recursion, induction, and combinatorics may be addressed, to be complemented by data gathering, compiling, and presenting. Teacher resources to be checked daily, weekly, and monthly using interactive forms are contemplated, along with the possibility of remote administration of the site.

This proposal follows Mike's 'Surf'n the Seven C's of the Internet': "Since we are connected to global data, we need to compile these data into useful information; concentrate on the desired content; then communicate this knowledge and make a contribution to our communities."

Working Group: Discrete Mathematics

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