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July 15-19, 1996 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Uniquity - a get-acquainted game

This game was a great ice-breaker!

To get to know each other, before dinner on Sunday the group went on a 'find the person' scavenger hunt. In preparation, Eric Sasson had gathered one 'uniquity' (unique fact) for each person, and had made up a chart with the facts on the right and blank spaces on the left where we were to write the names of the corresponding people.

Without asking direct questions, we talked with each other and found who belonged to each uniquity. When we were finished, the chart looked like this:

Person in Room"Uniquity"
  Eric  I've seen Lionel Ritchie in concert.
  Gail  I own a pot-bellied pig (like US Olympic swimmer Brooke Bennett).
  Steve W.  I gave my son money to buy beer & pretzels in a monastery.
  Mike  I majored in music as an undergrad, and have a masters in math.
  Sheila  I gave a talk about the Forum w/ a Forum staffer in the audience.
  Steve M.  My great-grandmother drove a covered wagon across a continent.
  Betsy  My mother can't pronounce my name.
  Ruth  I'm the middle child of 13 children.
  Annie  I practice "zymurgy."
  Melissa  I was a cheerleader in junior high school.
  Ethan  I once used all my old T-shirts to make a quilt.
  Suzanne  I cook dinner every night and eat it together with my family.
  Paul  I almost died climbing Mt. Kenya.
  Gene  I was born in Fredricksburg, Iowa.
  Wex  I met a Japanese TV exec. on the Net who later bought me dinner in NY.
  Elizabeth  I met a bear when I was alone in Wyoming.
  Sandy  I went on a fox hunt with my daughter in Ireland.
  Peter M.  I went black water rafting with 12 of my kids from school.
  Sarah  I have a replicator in my pocket.
  Carole  I LOVE hot peppers.
  Lisa  I spent a night in the woods alone.
  Peter A.  I posted to NCTM-L Friday afternoon.
  Kimberly  I waitressed my way through college.
  Tom  I lived in Wyoming for 11 years.
  Pat  I've been to 48 states.

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