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Gail Lauinger

Address: 10451 Wheeler Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
Phone: (707) 937-4801
School: Mendocino Grammar School

For the past five years Gail Lauinger has taken her fourth and fifth grade students into the Mendocino Grammar School Macintosh computer lab for five 45-minute periods per week. Three years ago her students began using Claris Works, and Gail began working with grade level team members to develop computer activities for a math unit she had co-authored at Chico State University. Students drew computer geoboards and did fraction activities on them. Gail and her team have since developed a unit that presents tessellations from manipulatives to Claris drawing using the program Tesselmania. In 1995-96 her class used computer spreadsheets to work on multi-solution problems.

In the summer of 1994 Gail attended a week-long Telecommunications course, a goal of which was to develop a unit for classroom use. Gail decided to have her students exchange math problems and strategies. She joined MathMagic and formed three teams that exchanged ideas with three other classes via e-mail. In 1995-96, with increased Internet access, students used the Internet to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a literature project, and toured the missions for Social Studies. They also tracked individual baseball players' stats via espnet and figured out the averages daily as a math activity.

Gail's mathematics leadership experience includes being a member and Chair of her District Math Committee; Teacher Associate, Presenter, and Trainer of Presenters at many workshops for the Beyond Activities Project (Math Curriculum Development); and MUSD Math Mentor K-5 Presenter (Investigation in Data, Number and Space). She has participated in a math curriculum writing project for five weeks during each of three summers. For the past two years she has participated in field testing math curriculum for TERC in Boston and has kept in contact via e-mail with other math teachers.

Gail has been active in math curriculum development and welcomes the chance to work on integrating math and Internet use. She would like to develop math activities that student teams from different locations could work on via e-mail. She is also interested in data collection that could be exchanged and graphed. She plans to expand her students' baseball activities next year. Her students will continue with her for fifth grade and she looks forward to their expanded use of the Internet.

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