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July 15-19, 1996 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Online Working Group

Geometry & algebra, tessellations (middle school)

Suzanne Alejandre worked onsite at the Institute developing ideas for Web units for middle school students like those she has created on tessellations, magic squares, and geometry and algebra.

By the end of the workshop Suzanne had

. . . presented a more complete set of Web pages on magic squares including links to historical and geographical information, to the NCTM Standards, to classroom activities with pages that can be printed out as instructional resources, and to Allan Adler's mathematical views of magic squares.

. . . added some Historical and Geograpical Connections to her Tessellation Tutorials Web unit.

. . . added a Spanish translation of Lo Shu and the Story of Emperor Yu, which prompted an interesting discussion about translations, to this magic square unit. Online participant Cynthia Lanius has offered the translation services of her students in the fall and Suzanne is looking forward to this collaboration.

. . . started a collaboration with onsite participant Steve Means, by writing one of the Activities for his Student Projects. Joanna Yantosh suggested creating a "tessellation type contest" and her ideas will work nicely to develop another Student Project!

. . . begun a dialogue with online participant Maureen Grant that with time will develop into Quilt Lessons.

. . . started a quest to find the different ways people use their fingers to display numbers. So far Suzanne has descriptions from Japan, American Sign Language, Hong Kong, Moldova, Estonia, Slovakia, and Australia. She is planning to use her newly acquired knowledge about embedding QuickTime movies to make a Web page on this topic.

Discussion related to the development of this topic has taken place on the geometry.institutes newsgroup; for a record of postings, please see the
Working Group Discussion Archive.

Comments and discussions during the week of the workshop have also been stored in a Group Journal.

Further communication is encouraged, either by way of posting to geometry.institutes, or sending email to the individuals listed below.

  • Suzanne Alejandre - E-mail Suzanne - onsite
  • Jean P. Abel - (home) or (office) - online
  • Michelle Childress - - online
  • Maria Found - - online
  • Maureen Grant - - online
  • Bill Kunnecke - - online
  • Cynthia Lanius - - online
  • Connie Mark - - online
  • Mary O'Haver - - - online
  • Eileen Schoaff - - online
  • Sandy Sherman - - online
  • Karen Smith - - online
  • Jeannie Toshima - - online
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