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Making Movies

Here's how to make a quicktime movie from a number of PICTs and put it on the Web using the EMBED Tag. For up-to-date information and software try Joel Cannon's QTVR Notebook and look at his Reference page for tutorials. Recent copies of software can be found at the AMUG archives.

Making PICTs

First we have to have a string of PICTs. If they are for some reason in some other format than PICT, you will need Clip2Gif. This utility can be used to change other formats into PICTs. When you open Clip2Gif, choose the 'Save as PICT' Option under the Options Menu To convert a GIF file, choose 'convert 'file...' under the File Menu. It will now save the GIF as a PICT with the same name and with the extension .pct.

Maybe you would also like to choose 'Transparent Background: White' Under Options. (If your PICT/GIF background is White, this makes it transparent so the background color of the Browser comes through.)

After you have your PICTs, make sure they are in a folder by themselves and in order. By 'in order', I mean that when you view by 'name' they are listed in the order you want them.

Get the right Stuff!

The next thing you need is a utility (program) that will take your PICTs and string them together into a Movie. The one I've found and used is Moover.

String 'em together!

The way that MooVer works is that you highlight all the PICTs, and drag them onto MooVer. This will launch MooVer and put the PICTs together into a Quicktime Movie. It will prompt you where to save at the beginning. When it is done, you can either quit or close (from the File Menu) and your movie is ready!

You will also have to find the dimensions of your movie. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Use a PICT editor to get the width and height of the PICTs. or
  2. Use DeskTopMovie to get the width and height of your movie.
Once you have the height and width, add 24 to the height to adjust for the toolbar. Keep these numbers handy.

Flatten that Movie!

In order to see the Movie across platforms, you need to Flatten it. You can do this in DeskTopMovie by going to the File Menu and exporting a Flattened Movie. If that doesn't seem to work, you can also try FlatMoov

Put it on the Web

Now that you have your Movie, you can put it on the Web:

That's it!


I've put here a few GIFs that you can download (already in order and in a folder) to test out your new knowledge on. (Just in case you don't have a few PICTs handy......)


Let's try this out. Let's make a more interactive movie. You can use a utility (program) that will take any Quicktime Movie and convert it to a program that the user can move! It's called ObjTool.

Download it, and fire it up! Choose your movie from the File Menu to open. To convert it, choose 'add object data' from the Edit Menu. Save as Cross Platform from the File Menu.

Put it on the Web as before, and check it out. You will need a special Plug-in to view it: Quicktime QTVR Plug-in.

-Mike Morton

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