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Sandra Ray

Address:43 Page Road, Litchfield, NH 03052
Phone: (603) 889-2897
School: Alvirne High School

Sandy Ray has had 21 years experience as a secondary mathematics instructor, as well as 7 years as a computer programmer in industry. She began her career as an employee of Mitre Corporation in Bedford, Mahusetts, working in the area of computerized warfare during the Vietnam War. She has also programmed for an insurance company and for an electric utility company. At Alvirne High School her math classes range from Pre-algebra to AP Calculus.

Sandy tries to introduce her students to as much technology as possible. She is currently Webmaster and writes the html for the Alvirne High School Calculus page, which features weekly problems created by students from her calculus class. Alvirne High School is just beginning to go online; next year, when Internet access at school is readily available, Sandy envisions students taking over much of the work she has been doing at home.

The purpose of Alvirne's Calculus page has been to give the students practice in creating problems that require some knowledge of calculus. Sandy believes her students have learned a great deal from this page: often they have found that their problems were not stated as clearly as they had thought and so had to be reworded; also, students sometimes assumed that calculus was necessary to solve a problem, only to find in reviewing solutions sent in by others that there was an easier, more direct solution.

In addition, students from other schools all over the world sent problems, which provided an opportunity to solve new problems in a much more stimulating environment than that of a textbook. Sandy found that her students began making up problems to cover just about any of their activity.

Sandy would like to explore how to enhance this exchange of ideas and promote student-run online math projects. She also would like to learn how to use more three-dimensional graphs on the page.

Working Group: Student Web Projects

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