Math Event of the Month

aka ... Math Days

We are developing a list of willing particpants and a set of ideas for Activities and Gallery Events which will lead to a day of celebration for each month of the year. For instance, Math Dress-Up Day concludes a month of investigating the ways math is u sed to design, produce, market, purchase and wear clothing. Students and teachers then wear a chosen mathematically inspired costume and bring an explanation for the mathematics involved in their choices. The product is then captured as an image and dis played as part of a web site including descriptions. An example of this is Math Dressup Day for 1996 at Sammamish High School.

All is negotiable here, of course.

We need suggestions for the blank spots.

Activities are completed by each participating group. The results are sent in to be shared and compared.

Gallery Events are planned over the course of the month. They result in one special day when outfits are worn or kites are flown. This is photographed. Each site builds a web page to commemorate and explain their participat ion. The Math Forum will index these sites.
MonthsActivityGallery Topic
SeptemberTraffic JamMath Dress-Up
OctoberEight Slide Puzzles & Magic SquaresMath-O-Lanterns
November?Math Build-It Day
DecemberHuman and Other KnotsMath Food Day
JanuarySquare ShadowsMath Flakes
FebruaryGolf & ReflectionsMath Maps
March?Math Kites
AprilMath GamesMath and the Internet
May?Math Flowers
June?Math in Nature
July?Mat in Science
AugustSpeed Downunder??

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Annie Fetter
18 March 1996