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Ten working groups were the focus of considerable attention during the Institute. Onsite participants set aside time every day (see agenda) to develop their topics and discuss issues online; the result of this activity was the collaborative effort of both onsite and online participants.

Working Group Discussion Archives
Communication about working group development took place primarily on the geometry.institutes newsgroup, and these postings have been archived for future reference.

Showcase of Working Group Development
Quite a few projects grew out of work begun during the Institute. Some have resulted in very detailed finished products, others are still works-in-progress - and all are worth checking out.

It's not too late to get involved!
Further development of working groups is encouraged - if you are interested in contributing, you may either post to geometry.institutes or send email to individuals who have worked on the topic you're interested in.

Working Groups

Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus
Building an online resource of lesson plans, activities and/or projects for high school algebra, geometry and precalculus.

Data Collections
Building collections of data to be manipulated in online math projects for elementary and high school students.

Discrete Mathematics
Building an online resource of lesson plans, activities, and/or projects for topics in discrete math.

Middle School Lesson Plans
Geometry and algebra: building an online resource of middle school lesson plans, activities, and/or projects - developing Web units that offer a variety of teacher- and student-ready tutorials and well-outlined classroom activities.

Integrating the Internet
Building online lesson plans, activities, and/or projects for integrating the Internet into math, science, and language arts curricula.

Modelling and Statistical Analysis
Modelling of animal populations and human society's impact on them.

Paths through Resources
Constructing coherent paths to help teachers find their way through online lesson plans, activities, and/or projects for elementary students.

Probability and Statistics
Developing special Web-based presentations.

Student Web Projects
Students working alongside teachers to model interactive learning at a distance. A new vision of educator and learner in which roles are shared and interchanged.

Web-based Simulations
Development, testing, and/or design of educational units revolving around simulations on the Web.

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