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July 6-11, 1998 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Suzanne Alejandre - Onsite Participant

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Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, California

Suzanne Alejandre attended the 1995 Geometry Forum Summer Institute, Constructing Geometry on the Internet, and the 1996 Math Forum Summer Institute, Constructing Mathematics on the Internet. Since the spring semester of 1996 she has been a Math Forum Teacher Associate, speaking about the Forum site at math meetings in California and Washington, D.C. and contributing a number of math Web units to the Forum site. She presented Creating an Interdisciplinary Unit with a Team at NCTM as part of the Math Forum's Mathematics and the Internet Conference Within a Conference.

In the summer of 1997 Suzanne was invited to be the lead trainer at the SCORE Mathematics Institutes in Merced and Fresno. She used what she had learned as a participant in the Math Forum Institutes to teach good html habits to California teachers.

In January of 1998 Suzanne joined the Math Forum Staff in San Diego to work with teachers in the Morse Cluster. Her work included the creation of Mathematics Connections to support the Morse High School Magnet Career Paths. These pages are currently being used by math and language teachers and are an excellent example of how the Internet can support specific curriculum focus.

Suzanne's Web work includes many Units (Tessellation Tutorials, Designs with Circles, Fractals, Understanding Factoring through Geometry, Algebraic Factoring, Magic Squares, Polyhedra, and more); Interactive Lessons featuring Java applets provided by Multimedia Java Applications (MJA); and examples of using Technology in the Classroom designed to enhance her daily teaching.

Suzanne received her Master's Degree in Educational Technology in 1991, and is currently a teacher of 7th Grade Math and 8th Grade Newspaper and Computer Elective at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California. She is an active member of the Coyote Team. She is the webmaestra for the Frisbie web site which includes a section written particularly for her AVI D Math 7 classes. She recently taught her first UC Riverside Extension class, Using Technology to Teach Mathematics.

Suzanne's plans for summer Web work include developing the AVID Math 7 pages to reflect what she has learned this year teaching that curriculum. She is particularly interested in developing lessons that

  1. use a combination of manipulatives and technology
  2. use the computer as a tool
  3. are of sufficient length to fully engage students
  4. are presented using several strategies
An example of one such lesson is the Traffic Jam Activity.

You will find Suzanne's home page and can read all about her at m95/suzanne/.

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