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July 6-11, 1998 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Developing Effective Online Units

The project should:
  1. be useful to a significant segment of the users of the Forum. This often means consciously designing a generalized version of your project that others can easily adapt to different topics or designing projects/web areas where others are expected to participate or contribute and the mechanisms/processes for doing so are built-in from the start.

  2. be different from, but coordinate in some significant way with other key web projects relating to your project.

  3. utilize or effectively integrate other web resources.

  4. allow for communication with others and encourage the building of "local" web communities.

  5. enhance knowledge acquisition and problem solving skills.

  6. encourage higher level thinking.
Although each project will be different, IN GENERAL web units should include the following parts:
  1. the introduction and table of contents.

  2. background information including the grade or age group for which the material/project was designed.

  3. appropriate math standards links. (see to find appropriate standards)

  4. the task(s) to be completed by the user.

  5. information sources needed to complete the task including web sites, experts available via e-mail or realtime conferencing, searchable databases on the net, software.

  6. suggestions on ways the student can display their work or teachers can contribute their materials.

  7. effective navigation elements.

  8. ways to communicate with the author/project director.

  9. where possible some math, data entry, or manipulation that can be done over the web so that the users have some interaction, beyond reading, with your web pages.

The following links demonstrate some of these ideas.

From The Math Forum:

From Ron Knott:

From Suzanne Alejandre:

From The Shodor Education Foundation:

More Examples:

What others have to say:

Your turn:

Think about the following questions and use the geometry-institutes discussion to share your thoughts:

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