The Math Forum: 1998 Summer Institute - sum98

July 6-11, 1998 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Bob Panoff - Onsite Participant

E-mail: Bob Panoff:
The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.

Robert M. (Bob) Panoff, a physicist and computational science educator, and Sarah Thomas, Learning Technologies Specialist and online participant in this Institute, are a part of The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc., a team that is currently developing interactive Web-based materials for middle schools in several subjects including Fractals, Probability, Statistics, and Graphing and Functions. At their current stage of development, the materials can be viewed at Project Interactivate. Built according to the NCTM standards, they are designed in a highly "modular" form; that is, they are easy to modify according to each user's needs and desires.

Project Interactivate began with the Interactive Math text because the Department of Defense Dependent Schools had chosen this text and asked the Shodor Education Foundation to make the ties to it first. The modules are loosely defined as Lessons, Discussions, and Activities, with direct links to the Index for these three general categories. Given time, a set of Web-based materials tied to any text that contains the corresponding topics can be created.

Bob and Sarah would like to present Project Interactivate and its materials as one example of an attempt to produce a cost-effective, integrated set of hands-on and computer-enhanced activities. They very much want to get as much feedback as possible from teachers and other developers. There are also other explorations that have been developed at Shodor which they could share. They are interested in learning from others who have more experience how to incorporate individual computer explorations in a classroom setting. They ask, "What do other teachers do who might only have a few computers but many students? What are the best learning strategies for using computer-based activities?"

Bob and Sarah hope that the Forum's support will help them to share ideas with other people and to incorporate the new ideas into the materials under development. They also hope to find people who would like to use the materials with students and to give them feedback. They would like to learn more about the general expectations, desires, and hopes of educators, in order to develop better products in the future.

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