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Marjorie Ader's Summer 98 Project

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I have three main areas that I would like to focus on during this summer's institute:
  1. The use of technology in Algebra topics/functions. (I have been working with Java Sketch Pad this week, and I will continue to add more activities which will include applets created using Java Sketch Pad.)

  2. Algebra Curriculum (Platte Canyon High School, Bailey, CO

    Our homepage was created as a student project at the end of the year. Much information needs to uploaded to complete the home page as well as the need for esthetic revisions.

  3. Comments and suggestions from onsite/online participants.
    • Related Ideas/collaboration
      • Web-based "real time" Colorado Math Contest (will address CO State Math Standards/Assessments)
    • Suggestions for inclusion/improvemnt

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