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Collaboration during the Institute

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The project that I have decided to work on during this Institute is to develop pages for teaching activities following these steps:
  1. introducing the topic
  2. using a manipulative (or two)
  3. using technology
  4. processing
  5. formalizing the mathematics
My idea is to write both a Teacher Lesson Plan and a Student Page for each of the activities. To view the pages that I have planned so far, look here:

You will notice that not all of the pages are linked yet, but hopefully throughout the week more of them will be completed.

Comments from any onsite or online participants are welcome. I am interested in:

  1. constructive comments - suggestions for improvement on the pages that I've written.
  2. related content suggestions - more ideas to add or extensions.
  3. ideas for collaboration
    • If you are a 7th grade math teacher and interested in working on similar activities it would be fun to communicate next year as we are teaching.
    • Another idea would be to have our students communicate.
    • If you are a high school teacher and would like to have some younger students for your students to mentor, it would be fun to set up some communication.

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