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My original project idea involved creating a plan and a structure by which my students can write and publish math problems on the web for their classmates at Highland Middle School and other students. However, I have since concluded that starting the project from the beginning of the year was an unrealistic goal. Instead, I have developed a series of forms that allow the students at Highland Middle School to answer online problems without the use of an internet email account. There are also now web pages in place to allow the elementary students in our school district to answer such problems. It is my hope that the students entering seventh grade in the future can write problems for and mentor the elementary students in our district after they have an idea of what a good "open-ended" problem looks like. To move my own middle school students in the direction of being able to write problems and mentor younger students, they have twice been involved in the Forum's Elementary Problem of the Week mentoring this year. There are links to both the middle school and elementary problem solving links pages below.

For my original project, I had planned to divide the students into groups of four for the purposes of this project. In preparation for each problem cycle (one week) the groups specified would develop, revise, and publish problems. When each problem cycle would have begun (Monday), each group would answer all responses that come from their classmates. Possibly, the students would have also responded to answers from respondents other than those from our school. I realize that the latter of these two options could turn into a more time-consuming venture than we have class time for. Although that project has not left the ground this year yet, a link to its home page is below.

I am looking for several types of interaction now that the school year is well underway. I would enjoy hearing from any teacher who has tried such a program with his or her students.  I would also appreciate any feedback that you may have on the current pages and projects that are linked below.

HMS Participation in the Elementary Problem of the Week

Highland Middle School Problem Pages

Jon Basden
Highland Middle School
30 December 98