Domestic Rates

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Getting a Deal?
or Getting Ripped Off?

Obtain a copy of your family's phone bill from home. The goal of this activity is to convince your telephone carrier(s) to give you better rates on your monthly bill.

Write a letter to your telephone company providing an analysis of your family's telephone bill by comparing it to the Domestic and Long Distance Rates data. The tone of your letter should be constructed in a positive manner, not to offend or disturb anyone, in order for your thoughts to be read. The letter should contain the following components:

  1. An introductory paragraph describing your intent and the contents of the letter.
  2. A paragraph describing at least one positive aspect about the local and/or long distance phone service.
  3. A paragraph with one suggestion for local/domestic phone rate improvement.
  4. A paragraph with one suggestion for long distance phone rate improvement.
  5. A concluding paragraph that summarizes your findings and ends in a positive note.
  6. A photocopy of the telephone bill you are analyzing.
Provide verbal and mathematical justification (by using step functions and showing work) for each of your main points. Submit the final letter to your teacher, and not your phone company.

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