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John Goebel's Project Page

This week at Swarthmore I will be working on two sites. The first is my current site for my Distance Learning Calculus Course. The current version of this site is located here . here . This site is designed for students taking my DL Calculus course, but may someday be a resource for anyone taking calculus.

The second site is one that I maintain for the NC State High School Mathematics Contest. This week I hope to add a "Topic of the Week" and perhaps a "Problem of the Week" component. The current version of this site is located here .

I have done a lot of work to these sites in the past few weeks and really need some input to continue. I think I will concentrate on the "Topic of the Week" and "Problem of the Week" part of the State Contest site this week.

I am interested in any and all feedback for either site.

Please send email about either site to John Goebel

Click here to get my Mathcad lesson.