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Spreadsheet Problem Collection

by Margaret Sinclair

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The following problems provide lots of practice. Most students can complete them in two days.There are extra ones for students who are ready for a challenge.

The unit begins with a day on formulas and then a day on setting up problems using a spreadsheet.

Measurement of a Field
The perimeter of a field measures 102 metres. The field is twice as long as it is wide. How long is the field? How wide is the field?

The Chocolates Problem
100 chocolates were distributed among three groups of children. The second group received 4 times the number of chocolates of the first group. The third group received 10 chocolates more than the second group. How many chocolates did the first, the second and the third group receive?

Age Fun
Mary's brother is 5 years older than she is. The sum of their ages is 33. How old are Mary and her brother?

Isosceles Triangle
In an isosceles triangle the unequal side measures half the length of one of the two equal side. Calculate the perimeter if the length of the unequal side is 5 cm. Calculate the length of the sides when the perimeter is 80 cm.

Frank's Cards
Frank has 63 baseball and hockey cards. Three times the number of baseball cards minus four times the number of hockey cards is 126. How many of each kind of card does he own?

George's Savings
George is saving his nickels, dimes and quarters in a piggybank. So far, he has 56 coins. He has half as many dimes as nickels and he has 8 more quarters than dimes. How much money does he have?

Number Crunch
Find four consecutive integers such that if the first is increased by 2, the second decreased by 2, the third multiplied by 2, and the fourth divided by 2, the sum of the four resulting numbers is 200.

Extra Problems for Keen Students

More Perimeter Practice
The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 124 m. The length is 14 m more than twice the width. What are the garden's dimensions?

Fran is 8 years older than Maria. Four years ago Fran was five times as old as Maria. How old are the girls?

Paul's Problem
Paul has $3.00 made up of nickels, dimes and quarters. There are 27 coins in all. If he has the same number of nickels and quarters, how many of each coin does he have?

Plane Puzzle
A plane leaves Pembroke for Halifax, a distance of 1400 km, at a speed of 600 km/h. At the same time another plane leaves Halifax for Pembroke at a speed of 520 km/h. How long after takeoff will the planes pass each other?

Odd Question
The sum of 4 consecutive odd numbers is 184. Find the numbers.

Drain Dilemma
There are three drains in a 6-metre-deep reservoir of water. To lower the water level by 2 metres it takes drain A 2 hours, drain B 3 hours, and drain C 4 hours. If all three drains are opened at once, how long will it take to empty the reservoir?

Quadratic Query
Two integers differ by 5. Find the integers if the sum of their squares is 193.

More DST
If a car increases its speed by 10 km/h, it can travel 315 km in two hours less time. What is the original speed of the car?

Profitable Eggs
A dealer bought a certain number of chocolate eggs for $18.00. After eating 5 of them, he sold the others at 20 cents apiece more than he paid for them. If his profit was 40 cents, how many chocolate eggs did he buy?

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