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Through the week of the 1998 Advanced Summer Institute, participants were exposed to a variety of software applications. We asked for feedback on the software they used during the week. This page is a summary of the comments made about the software applications. The feedback are mostly responses to the following questions:

Please tell us how you found the software you used this week.

html/web software?

math software?


BBedit - Bare Bones Software, Inc.URL:
HTML editor


  • Great. I use an older (free) version of BBEdit so it was nice to see all the features of the full version.

  • I had never used BBEdit before, nor had I spent much time doing actual html coding, but I had little difficulty in adapting or using it. I feel pretty confident with it right now.

  • Even though I'm a Windows person I found all the programs terrific. BBedit, Netscape, ...

  • I like BBEdit. I learned more features this week. Thank you.

  • BBedit very useful

  • BBedit was very powerful! I used it extensively.

  • BBEdit is a super web editor very easy to use. I think I will stick with my current editors however.

  • BBEdit was great, ...

  • I have looked at the Forum's suggested PC versions of BBEdit (or HTML editing programs) and will be trying to get set up on one of those when I get back.

The Geometer's Sketchpad & JavaSketchpad - Key Curriculum Press
Dynamic Geometry Construction Tool


  • GSP is WOW!

  • I found the Java Sketchpad to be my favorite tool for my interest this week.(Along with Geometer's SP.)

  • I used GSP ...

  • Java Sketchpad hit right on what I am trying to develop as an activity.

  • I liked the demo on Java Sketchpad. ... I'll definitely use it in the future and also teach it to students.

  • JSP very useful

  • JavaSP is Dynamite!

  • I think I will use javagsp, ..

  • think that the use of GSP will be a great enhancement to teaching in my school. We don't have it yet, but will by August.

Graphing Calculator 2.0 - Pacific Tech URL:
Visual Graphing Calculator


  • Graphing calculator - good, but probably wouldn't use it too much.

  • I used GSP, the graphing calculator, ...

  • I loved the stuff from Graphing Cal/NuCalc and can't wait to try it at home.

  • the graphing calculator utility and equation transfer to gif is very useful

ClarisWorks - Apple Computer Co. URL:


  • I use ClarisWorks but as long as MacLink was available it wasn't a problem.

  • The version of ClarisWorks is better than ours at school and it did everything I needed.

DreamWeaver - Macromedia Inc. URL:


  • Dreamweaver is great! I am sure as more behaviors are possible, the program will enable non programmers like me to provide interesting web environments.

  • I think I will use javagsp, forms and dreamweaver in the upcoming school year.

Misc. Software: MathView, Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad, and others


  • MathView and Maple are familiar to me but it was nice to see Mathematica and Mathcad as well.

  • Maple and that stuff is over my head.

  • 1st tier: javagsp, mathview, your entire site and its search capability.

  • 2nd tier: POW software (for use on our computational science education site), need to learn TACO or more about it...allforms...may want to mooch a version of this for our server... ...I want to learn GSP better ...

  • I did not get as much from the presentations on Mathview, Maple, and Mathematica as others may have. The reason for this is simply that I will have no real use for these software packages any time in the foreseeable future. However, I feel that the presentations were useful for many.

  • I think that TappedIn could have some very good uses as time goes on.

  • For me, TappedIn, although cool, doesn't excite me or offer any practical uses at the moment.

  • I agree with Rob that at this point the TappedIn session was not as productive as other aspects of the Institute. I find it difficult to keep up with so many people involved and that was a comment that Dave made - he agreed that it would be more productive with fewer people and perhaps a focused topic.

  • Even though I'm a Windows person I found all the programs terrific. BBedit, Netscape, cip2gif, Eudora, were all great. I also used Graphics Converter briefly with no problem.

Mathematica Home page - URL:

Maple Home page - URL:

Math View Homepage - URL:

MathCAD - URL:


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