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T3 International Conference
Chicago, Illinois
March 2-4, 2012

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Max's and Craig's Session Handouts

Crime Scene Investigation: Exploring Similarity the Common Core Way, with the TI-NspireTM Family of Handhelds [HTML page]
Max Ray, the Math Forum @ Drexel, Philadelphia, PA
Co-Presenter: Craig Russell

Using Technology to Assess Mathematical Understanding (Without Getting Lost in the Technology) [PDF download]
Craig Russell, University of Illinois Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL
Co-Presenter: Max Ray

TI-PoW Teacher Packets [links to Math Tools]

NOTE: You can freely download the .tns files and the .pdf files from each of these catalog pages.
Midpoint Quadrilateral Notice/Wonder || Teacher Packet
Ferris Wheel Notice/Wonder || Teacher Packet
Exploring Linear Programming || Teacher Packet
Chirp Chirp: Doing it Wrong || Teacher Packet
Chirp Chirp: Notice/Wonder || Teacher Packet
Mauna Loa || Teacher Packet
A Phone-y Deal? || Teacher Packet
Sam and Teri's Bank Accounts || Teacher Packet

Booth Handouts

Triangle/Hexagon Animated Nspire Activity zip file
Noticings/Wonderings Student Handout
Regional Ratios (Geometry Problem of the Week)
Regional Ratios Packet and Activity Series
Booth Handout
Overview: The Math Forum @ Drexel
Free Online Resources
Take Dr. Math With You! drmath.handout.pdf
Our Online PD Courses: Professional Development Program: Learning Math Together
PoW Memberships: Problems of the Week
Problems of the Week Trial Account
What are the Problems of the Week and Why Should I Use Them?
Overview: Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series
Mastering the Common Core Mathematical Practices
Problem Solving-It Has to Begin with Noticing and Wondering
Focus on Student Practice
Problems of the Week Samples
How Many Berries Did I Eat?
Math Fundamentals
Mr. Lincoln's Line
A Pound of Valentine's Chocolates
Math Club Mystery
Extending the Enneagon

Craig presented our PoW Prize Package winner
with a Math Forum tote bag!

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