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Thursday: Discussion - Teaching Mathematics as a Science
Bethany writes, "It seems that the prevading philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics is pushing us as educators [...] to make math more of a discovery process than just giving students the concepts and trying to process them...What do you think?

Thursday: Discussion - Your Favorite Tools
Don Link started this thread in the Roundtable Discussion and a few other people have chimed in so far. He writes, " I'm fairly new to the MathTools community, and I thought it would be useful if some of you "longer-timers" would share your N favorite tools cataloged on the site (I'm thinking like your top 10, but any value of N would be fine)."

Wednesday: SketchUp Presentation
Jon did a brief presentation on SketchUp, a three-dimensional drawing program designed for architects that could have a real impact in the classroom.

Wednesday: Discussion Posting - Mathematical maturity and lower-order knowledge & skills
ToolFest onsite and online participants, as well as other MathTools community members, are taking part in this discussion.

Wednesday: Traffic Jam Activity - Discussion Posting and Activity Page
The discussion on this activity continues.

Tuesday: Oak Tree Growth Activity - Activity Page
Cynthia's lesson

Tuesday: Discussion Posting - Welcome to the ToolFest!
Suzanne welcomes everyone, onsite, online, and onlookers, to the beginning of the ToolFest.

Tuesday: Discussion Posting - Onsite and Online Tool Fest Introductions
Learn about the participants in anticipation of taking advantage of similar interests and developing partnerships.


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