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What Math Teacher

Santiago High School
Garden Grove, California

Next year: Algebra 1A, Geometry, Precalculus

Who barbpost
How With my students, I use TI calculators and Sketchpad.
Personally, I'm pretty good with TI calculators and Sketchpad.
Why My experience lies mainly in using Sketchpad in the 9-12 classroom (particularly Geometry and Pre-Calculus) and making cool sketches with Sketchpad. I've taught several Sketchpad workshops for teachers and used Sketchpad as the basis for a presentation at our local conference (Orange County Math Conference) on Trig in a Circle. I have written activities and lessons to use with specific sketches in order to teach kids particular math concepts, but what I enjoy most is tweaking/adapting (or creating new) sketches. I would love an excuse to spend a week making and adapting sketches based on feedback from teachers!

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