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Jay County High School
Portland, Indiana

Next year: PreAlgebra and Algebra I

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How With my students, I use TI calculators.

My name is Denny Rowell and I am looking forward to participating online with the ToolFest at Drexel the next couple of days. I am an algebra and prealgebra teacher at Jay County High School in Portland, Indiana. I am just ready to start my third year of teaching. I received my training in teaching in the early seventies, but returned to the classroom as a teacher after being involved in dairy farming for 28 years. I enjoy teaching and am learning all I can. I have always been aggressive but conservative in my management style. I am not afraid of change, but am not interested in doing things just because they are new. I am currently about 2/3 through my MEd. in education at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana. I thing many of the tools at Math Tools could be real helpful to my students.

My Web site is here:

Here are four tools I could use with my students:

The first is showing binomial multiplication using algebra tools as found at This series of eight activities accurately showed what happens when one multiplies one binomial by another.

The manipulative on figuring the percent if we know two of the three: part, whole or percent as found at would be great for my 9th grade pre-algebra students.

Graphing for both my algebra and prealgebra would be facilitated by the students spending some time with the graphing tool at

The factor tree at is an awesome tool to help my students with finding the GCF and the LCM.


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