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Next year: Geometry

How I use Fathom, Geometer's Sketchpad, TI-83/84 Plus, CBLs, CBRs, Minitab, MathType, Microsoft Office.

Five years ago, I constructed a notebook of classroom-ready materials for my 13-member department for all mathematics levels using Geometer's Sketchpad v. 3.0. This past school year, I revamped that notebook and modified it for use with v. 4.0. I have found the support materials for Fathom to be more than sufficient. I use the Fifty Fathoms book in my AP Statistics classes regularly.

In my AP Statistics classes, I allow students to manually compute many statistical values first (ensuring that they understand the mathematics behind the statistical concepts) and after much practice, demonstrate for them the methods on the TI-83/84 Plus that will compute those statistics as well with much greater efficiency. In my Geometry and Advanced Algebra classes, I find the "Exploring . . . " books to be a great deal of help in providing students the opportunity to discover mathematical concepts through the use of Geometer's Sketchpad. I regularly use the Exploring Algebra, Exploring Geometry, and Exploring Conic Sections books.

I would like to learn about other uses of software in the mathematics classroom that will provide students with many opportunities to discover mathematical concepts for themselves.


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