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What Executive Teacher, Mathematics

University of Illinois Laboratory School
Urbana, Illinois

Next year: Algebra 1, Geometry, Statistics

Who Craig
Why I teach grades 7-12 in a school for gifted students. I have used graphing calculators and spreadsheets in teaching for a number of years (Algebra, Calculus, Statistics), and have used Sketchpad and Mathematica for demonstrations in class (occasional student work with the software). In the past two years teaching Statistics, I have begun to use (and teach/require students to use) various applets and tools (including Minitab and, to a very limited extent, Fathom). I really like the challenge of putting together a spreadsheet or sketchpad sketch to illustrate a point in class, and to provide students an opportunity to explore and discover new things. I also enjoy finding an interesting tool and tweaking it (or my lessons) to make the best use of it in class. My goal for the week would be to take some existing tools and develop lessons around those tools.

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