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Recently, I've been using applets as technology resources in my calculus class and I've found some useful ones in Math Tools. While I've found some that have expanded my own teaching (and math) horizons, there are gaps where I'd like technology help and haven't found anything I like. For example, I'd like something which will trace out a parametric curve and allow me to vary the curve and the speed a point is moving along it (maybe later squeeze in some derivatives). I bemoaned the lack in a Math Tools discussion last fall and someone pointed out that they find Sketchpad very effective in this area.

I've used Sketchpad for teaching geometry with great pleasure, but colleagues have become so interested in teaching the course that I haven't for several years. In the meantime Sketchpad has undergone a couple new versions with lots of exciting new features. I've started reacquainting myself with the program and hope to come up with some sketches dealing with parametric curves this week. At that point I will be an expert and will be happy to share my work.


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