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What Co-Head of the Department of Mathematics

Groton School
Groton, Massachusetts

on sabbatical 2004-05

Who Jon

I have taught secondary mathematics for 37 years and have been using computers extensively in my work since the early 80's when I got my first Apple II computer. I have been involved in a variety of NSF projects, all of which focused on how the computer can enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. These projects focused on mathematical modeling, the study of fractals and chaos and, most recently, on what a curriculum would look like if computer algebra systems and geometric construction programs such as Sketchpad were used extensively.

My current interest is in how computers can be used to teach geometry. I have developed a variety of materials on polyhedra and how they can be integrated into the secondary curriculum using GSP, Poly, and Kaleidotile. I have two projects in mind. First, the development of materials for teaching a vector geometry course which uses both GSP and Mathematica. The second is developing materials focusing on 3D geometry using Sketchup, a very easy to use architectural tool. My real love is geometry, and I would be interested in working on any geometry related project.


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