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What Math Teacher
Where Monsignor Bonner High School
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

Next Year: Algebra 2, Precalculus

Who Mike McMillen

I have a keen interest in learning anything that will make me more time efficient and effective as a senior high math teacher (mostly algebra 2/trig). I received a SMART Board in the middle of last year and although my experience with it is limited, I feel that it may have a profound effect in the way I teach. Since the SMART Board functions as both my black/white board and my computer desktop, I am able to bring up, with a few finger taps, diagrams, graphs, examples, and practice problems and still maintain the ability to highlight, supplement, and explain all in one place.

I am also a big fan of doing math in Excel. Just about anything we do in class I make the kids program in Excel and for the most part have replaced using of the T- 8xs. For instance, we learn to solve three variable-three equation systems by linear combination/substitution and then by Cramer's rule, and finally each student programs it into Excel where it is always available. I also keep a math website where the kids can go to see their grades, assignments, sample tests and when I have time, notes.


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