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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Why When I certified to teach, my cooperating teacher asked me to teach a unit on data collection.

That autumn led up to a presidential election, so the eighth graders and I, working in groups, drafted a standard set of questions to ask voters, formulated hypotheses about how responses to those questions correlated with their choices, canvassed voting neighbors, pooled our data, presented our findings graphically, discussed our interpretations, and wrote letters to the Democratic and Republican national committees with our recommendations.

Our seventh graders sat at computers and played with a spreadsheet program.

The eighth graders used no technology; the seventh graders used technology.

I could have done so much better -- by both groups. I want to see how Math Tools does, and does not yet, support teachers and developers do better by their audiences.

Riz said other onsite participants liked the guacamole that I brought to the barbecue Tuesday night.

The rumor is true: I have enough replica soccer jerseys to wear a different one every day of the month without repeating.

I have also co-authored a couple children's books: Spinners, available in hardcover and paperback, and How Hungry Are You?


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