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Victoria Fertitta Middle School
Las Vegas, Nevada


Who suzanneh45
Why I grew up and live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am about to embark on my 15th year of teaching. 14 of those years I have spent teaching mathematics to those raging hormones and bundles of confusion we call middle school students. I use Sketchpad in my classroom to teach both geometry and algebra. I have also taught Sketchpad to teachers in professional development settings and at regional conferences. I am good at taking existing lesson plans and tweaking them to incorporate technology. I also use TI 83+ graphing calculators and the Internet as instructional tools. I attended a week of Fathom training but never implemented it into my classroom. This week I would like to focus on the algebra strand using Sketchpad and the graphing calculator. In addition I would like to become more proficient with Fathom as data is always fascinating to kids and teachers!

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