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Kristin Henry

Kristin Henry is president and lead developer at GalaxyGoo, a non-profit dedicated to increasing science literacy. She specializes in developing educational software with Flash, and her projects include a neuromuscular junction simulation, an interactive periodic table of elements (with a click-and-spell with the elements version), and the recent All About Ratios project. Her work can be seen at


The All About Ratios project takes the concepts developed by Cynthia Lanius, and expands them with Flash. Features include dynamically generated exercises and quizzes, and some personal selections of graphic icons used in the exercises.

Before 2 pm ET on Friday:

As you check out the tools, be sure to rate them!

2-4 pm ET:

We met for an online chat, discussing the tools that we had looked at and what we felt were their strengths and weaknesses. People will post to the appropriate Math Tools area to summarize our discussion and allow for participation from the broader population.

Read the transcript of our chat

You'll find the discussion threads here:


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