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Don Link

Don is a 6th grade math teacher at Indian Creek School in Crownsville, Maryland. To learn more about him, check out his Tool Fest '04 bio page.

Once I began to look at the tools on MathTools, I found that I needed to do quite a bit of browsing and searching to find tools that really met my needs. I figured that other teachers have had a similar experience. In some ways, the breadth and number of available tools results in a barrier to entry for new folks, even with the excellent search tools and rating mechanisms.

So, I thought it would be useful if there were "Best of" pages that newcomers could use to get started. These pages would contain short descriptions, recommendations, and links to the best tools in a certain arena (for example, in my case, 6th grade math). "Best of" pages could also be organized by broader level and topic (e.g., middle school 2D geometry).

This led me to suggest some way to gather recommendations from others and to compile this into these types of pages.

I'll contribute from my list of favorites and do more browsing to find still others. Hopefully, our other Festers will do the same.


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