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Traweek Middle School, November 10, 2009
Suzanne Alejandre, The Math Forum, Drexel University
Marie Hogan, Traweek Middle School, West Covina, CA

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Forget the Question
    Student Handout
    SamplePoW: Measuring Melons
    Enhanced Teacher Packet
    Students' Noticing and Wondering: The Oracle's Oration
    Students' Noticing and Wondering: Apple Orchard
    Student Handout
    SamplePoW: The Oracle's Oration
    Enhanced Teacher Packet
In Your Own Words
    Student Handout
    SamplePoW: Apple Orchard
    Enhanced Teacher Packet
Try It
    Student Handout
    SamplePoW: At Least a Mile
    Enhanced Teacher Packet
Classroom Stories
from Marie... from our community of practice...
How to help students connect to their own way of thinking, build their ideas and experiences, and develop confidence in problem-solving.
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