AlgNet/GeoNet: A Union City School District Summer Enrichment Program
Using technology not simply to do things better, but to do better things.


KaleidoMania! applies transformational geometry to create visually attractive and interactive screenviews.

Exploring The Software:

Thinking About the Mathematics:

Understanding the notion of fundamental region is critical to the generation of the patterns.

  1. Determine which patterns have fundamental regions that are:
    • triangular (regular or right)
    • rectangular
    • square, or
    • rhombic.

  2. How is the shape of a fundamental region related to the symmetry type?
  3. What is the meaning of the symbols on the edges and corners of fundamental regions as they appear in the source box?
  4. Based on your explorations, how would you express in words exactly what a fundamental region is or does?

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