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This program controls the random choice of three decks of CALC cards (Decks B, C, and D). It enables the game to continue over several days by keeping track of the used cards. The starting card value S gives the user the ability to change the cards used.

Players use the KUDOS cards to cover the random BLOCK. The information contained on the displayed CALC card should be copied down and solved. When a player has a row, column, or major diagonal covered in markers, he/she yells KUDOS and play for the day ends.


:Disp "NEW GAME"
:Disp "1 = YES"
:Disp "2 = NO"
:Input G
:If G=1
:Lbl 1
:Input S
:If S > 125
:Output(5,1,"TOO LARGE")
:Output(6,1,"TRY VALUE < 125")
:Goto 1
:ClrList L6
:Lbl 2
:While L6(N)<>0
:If L6(N)=0
:If D=1
:Output(2,4,"DECK B")
:If D=2
:Output(2,4,"DECK C")
:If D=3
:Output(2,4,"DECK D")
:Output(8,1,"1 = YES")
:Output(8,11,"2 = NO")
:While R=0
:If R=92
:Goto 2


  1. The symbol -> represents the STORE command.
  2. The symbol <> represents NOT EQUAL found in the TEST menu.

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