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A discussion from the summer of 1996.
Fractions Path
  Teaching Fractions Ideas This discussion from October 1997 followed the presentation of the Math Forum Fraction Path.
  Learning and Mathematics: Learning Fractions, Mack This discussion is from the April and May 1995 Geometry Pre-College archives. The Discussions are intended to provide an informative and sometimes provocative overview of the thinking of some key researchers in mathematics education and educational psychology.
  Teaching Fractions This discussion from July and August 1997 takes a look at why we should continue to teach fractions, or not.
  Real world applications of fractions provided by Jerry Beeler
  Why Fractions? This discussion is from the Numeracy group, September 1997.
  Improper Fractions This discussion is from the Numeracy group, September 1997. Don't miss the comments by Nancy L Markus.
  Adding Fractions This discussion from October 1996 looks at addition of fractions.
  Division of Fractions This discussion from June 1997 looks at ways to teach division of fractions.
  Fraction Calculators in Elementary School This discussion from September 1996 looks at the use of calculators.
  Fractions This discussion from December 1996 through February 1997 is from the Math History List archives.
Exploring Data
  Summer '96 Institute: Data Collections Working Group
  Measuring Data A discussion of lessons to teach mean, median, and mode.
  Histograms A discussion from June 1996 through September 1997.
Pascal's Triangle
  Andrew Chan's request for research project ideas led to 5 replies with suggestions. This discussion is from November and December 1996.
  Shapes of binomial numbers led to 2 replies with information of a historical nature. This discussion began in January 1995.
  Nth Order Pascal Triangle by Ronald Brady from the August 1997 sci.math.symbolic discussion group.
  How 11^x correlates to the Pascal triangle? From the September 1996 archives of the sci.math discussion group.
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