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We did this on Tuesday afternoon, and it was a lot to remember! Here's how it works:
1. Go to your homepage from the Participant Page in Netscape You might have a bookmark to this page! Make sure it's the one whose address starts ""
2. Under the View menu choose Document Source. A text page will open in SimpleText You want to see the code, or html, that generates this page.
3. Make any changes or additions to your page and save it in your Math Forum folder on your Macintosh. As we go along, you can learn more about writing html from the HTML Crash Course for Educators.
4. Save your changed file in your Math Forum folder. If you aren't sure where you are saving it, just ask!
5. Open Fetch. It's on the top level of the hard drive. You've saved a copy of your new home page on your Macintosh, and we need to put a copy on the forum server so that everyone else can see it (they can't see it if it's on your Macintosh). Fetch is an "ftp" program - File Transfer Protocol. It will allow you to "put" a new copy of the file on the server.
6. Host:
Username: your forum user name
Password: your forum password
Directory: ~http/documents/workshops/usi/philly/participants
The first time we do this you will need to do this step. Then we will make a "bookmark" to that place, so you won't have to do all the typing again. To see if you have a bookmark already (we made them on some of the machines), hit cancel when it asks you for this information, then choose "Open Bookmark..." from the File menu and see if there is something in your Math Forum folder that says "participants bookmark" or something like that.
7. Click the "Put File" button and find your new home page in your Math Forum folder and open it. You will get a dialog box that is asking you how you want to send the information. Make sure the bottom box says Text and that your file name ends in .html - phew! Fetch is putting a new copy of your file on the forum server. The little dog is running quickly, despite the temperature.
8. To view your new page, go into Netscape and look at your page - it hasn't changed yet. Hit the Reload button at the top, and your new edited page will appear. When you go back into Netscape, you are looking at the old version of your file - Netscape doesn't know that you have changed the file. You need to tell it to go and look at the file again and display the results.

To Edit Your Home Page in the Future

When you want to make more changes to your home page, you do NOT need to view the source again. Just open the text file in the Math Forum folder and edit that; then save it and follow the directions for putting another copy on the server (starting at step 5 above, opening Fetch).

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