Anne Bourgeois

Strawberry Mansion High School

Greetings! This is my first attempt to learn how to create a web page, so it may take awhile.

Well, I finally made a tessellation; what a relief!

Visit an exciting location for math educators and students: The Math Forum

Go to the participants list. Each participant has created a webpage which you may enjoy visiting.

Strawberry Mansion Middle/High school is currently being wired so that every classroom and office will have access to the Internet. The hookups should be completed sometime during the 97-98 school year. In anticipation of being able to introduce our students to e-mail and the web, many of us are planning projects which will do just that. My project , which will be done with an IMP class, is called Hope and Anne's Math Forum project because I'm doing this in collaboration with another teacher.

The two weeks which we have spent with The Math Forum have proven to be invaluable. I highly recommend that any teacher who has an opportunity to participate in a Forum workshop jump at the chance. The Forum staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable; they are dedicated to their work and will go to any extreme to help teachers, students and parents learn more about the use of computers and the Internet.

A special "hi" to any Fister who finds this page. I'll be happy to receive comments!