The Math Forum Workshop: Philly 97

The Philadelphia Urban Systemic Initiative Workshop: Math Education and the Internet
July 14 to July 25, 1997

Participant X

Catherine Wester

Ethel D. Allen Elementary School

My name is Catherine Wester. I am the librarian and technology teacher-leader at the Dr. Ethel D. Allen Elementary School in Philadelphia. For the weeks of July 14 and 21st, I am attending a Math Forum workshop at the Frederick Douglass Elementary School. I am hoping that I will learn new things about math and technology that will be of use to me and to the other teachers and students at my school.

During this workshop, I am attempting to create an addition to my school's webpage. The addition will be a math page where teachers, parents, and students can go to find links to on-line help, resources, and information. As the school year goes on, I hope to have teachers at my school create their own pages in this area to display their students' work.

Here are some places you might like to go:
Visit the Dr. Ethel D. Allen School Homepage.
Visit Math Help (a work in progress).
Read about our tessellation activity.
Return to participant list.

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