Marcia Radbill

L. P. Hill Elementary School

My name is Marcia Radbill and I am a new participant of the Math Forum Workshop in Philadelphia. As a Philadelphia School District teacher of antiquated 512 K Apple IIGs computers, my greatest resource is the old MECC series of software for math /reading/science academics for grades K-6 and special ed , as well as Keyboard Land and Typing Tutor for teaching keyboarding skills to students in grades three to six.

I am interested in 1) systematically designed lesson plans (graphic representation with links to explanations) to introduce the Mac, making web page and the internet to students, and 2) Escher tesselation lesson plans/software (Mac computers, IIGs if around), and 3) digitized photography and multi media presntations with video, etc.

And-I am ready to buy a new computer to replace my aging Apple IIci working off a gig hard drive because the internal hard drive loses files (printer settings most recently) and has a reocurring bit map problem that Norton temporarily fixes. I am going to get the battery changed (first time since '89 purchase)-we'll see if that works. However, what are suggestions out there for recommendations for a new Mac, or should I try to (oh, no-never touched a PC) ...switch? (Amateur hobby interests are digital photography/desktop publishing/muti-media/video editing.)

:) Marcy

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Marcy Radbill

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