Welcome to the Strawberry Mansion Cluster's Third Grade Connections.

The purpose of this site: The purpose of the Strawberry Mansion Cluster Third Grade Connections is to further enhance the cluster's Atlas design. The TGC site allows communication for third grade teachers in the Strawberry Mansion Cluster. This is a site where third grade teachers can share information, ideas, lessons and participate in discussions which are significant to their grade level. The TGC would also act as a study group where third grade teachers could get feedback on their lessons if their having problems teaching a particular concept to their class. The TGC would also solve the problem of meeting times for study groups in a given school. There would be a designated spot(for that school) on the site where teachers could log on sometime after school and have a study group meeting. Teachers could be compensated for these meetings after discussing this matter with their principal.

The TGC would also have a direct link to the Math Forum. Third grade teachers would then have a direct link to this magnificent resource. Speaking of resources the TGC would then have a designated spot where third grade teachers could contact other third grade teachers citywide, nationally and internationally. *Study Group(My idea of using the net for study groups included viewing children's work over the net and getting feedback.) Return to 3rd Grade Connections.