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Friday January 23, 1998

Good morning, and welcome to the Math Forum. We have three ambitious goals planned for our one-hour session this morning. They are:
  1. to give you an overview of our current program;

  2. to present a sample of the activities we have used or are planning to use with the teachers; and

  3. to discuss ways you can take advantage of the Math Forum's services.

Our tour begins with a visit to the main Math Forum-Strawberry Mansion Cluster page. From here you can access the summer schedule, a list of participants, and schedules for Saturday follow-up sessions. These links can be found at the tops of our project pages for easy navigation back to the main sections.

The teachers who participated in our summer program came to us with a wide range of computer and Web skills. There were teachers who did not know how to turn on the computer, and teachers who had already written html pages. We worked with the teachers at their own levels of expertise and were able to move everyone along to a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.

The Math Forum training for teachers includes:

Networking With Other Teachers

Finding Math Resources

Classroom Activities

Learning To Use The Technology

Each Saturday session is built around a mathematical theme, as well as being designed to help teachers maintain their Web skills and learn new things. We encourage advanced teachers to continue to work on their projects. We host a weekly drop-in session at the Douglass School each Thursday afternoon for individual support or exploration.

As we plan for the future, we would like your input for ways we can continue to support your teachers through inservice and on-line communications.

We would be happy to discuss your needs.

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