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When you answer the following questions your answers must be in three parts:
  1. The answer to the question.
  2. The URL where you found the information
  3. A brief description of how you found the answer, including the searcher you used and the keywords you chose.
For the longer questions at the end, you must provide the above information as well as a complete explanation of the answer to the question.

Here's a sample question and answer:

Q. What can you find about the software program QuasiTiler?


  1. QuasiTiler draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations. It is a program which is available from the Geometry Center.


  3. I searched the Math Forum web site for "quasitiler", and it returned a link to the Gallery of Interactive Geometry (the URL is, and a link for QuasiTiler was the first thing on that page.

Suggestions for Searching

A good place to search for math topics is The Math Forum's search engine. General searching might start at Metacrawler. Other search engines and collections include Altavista, Yahoo, and Excite.

The Quick Questions

The "Research" Questions

These longer questions involve more research and more thought.

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