Carol Siesing


My name is Carol Giesing, born in Carlisle, Pa. I have lived in California since I was 4 and in San Diego since I was ten. Does that make me an almost native?

I am married and have 3 lovely children, two boys and a daughter. only my youngest son is not married. I have been having fun with my grandchildren, lately.

I love fractals, chaos, music, quilt making, surfing in the Pacific Ocean, swimming, snow skiing, dancing and email. Last summer, I was with the Drei group and began working on my home page. Because of surgies I did not get much opportunity to finish it with buttons and whistles. If you want to see a neat home page see Judy Brown's.

Recently, like last week, I changed jobs and am no longer woking at Hoover H.S. cluster. My new job is with the A.L.B.A. Program and we will be working with students from all the different cluster schools in San Diego. It is exciting to be with a new program. More to follow.

OH, I am a High School teacher and have taught classes from 7th grade to 12th grade. I have taught all possible types of mathe from general math to APCalculus, Computer Application, and Computer Science including PASCAL and FORTRAN. Before I was a teacher I worked in the Aerospce Industry, on the Atlas Missle, in the Predesign dept of Wts and Measure, where we were just beginning to use the FORTRAN Language. Wow, has time changed computers!!

This team, that Swarthmore Univ. has sent to San Diego to work with us, is incredible! David, Steve, Annie and Judy, thank you.

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