Nye Elementary School

981 Valencia Parkway
San Diego, CA 92114
Phone: 619-527-4901
Fax: 619-527-0472
Staff Voicemail: 619-266-1246


Greetings from San Diego,

I am the Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator at Nye Elementary Academy of Advanced Technology here in San Diego. We are a K-5 community school. There are approximately 750 students, all of which I see, since I am also the Computer/Multimedia Lab Teacher.

Nye Elementary opened in September of 1994, so we are still somewhat young. Though we have not been around for long, we are proud of our accomplishments. If you want to get to know us a little better, visit us at
Nye Elementary.


Looking forward to working with you,

Below are samples of my first computer generated Tesellations created in Clarisworks.

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