Erin Relph

Lee Elementary School

I am a first grade teacher at Lee Elementary School in San Diego,CA. I really enjoy working with first grade students. They are so curious and motivated to learn. I enjoy encouraging them to explore and push themselves past their comfort levels. I see such growth in every subject. Especially in their ability to read and write by the end of the year.

This summer I have attended a USI class to encourage us in teaching algebric thinking skills to our students. I had never thought about how what I taught built on the future algebra skills of my students. It has been very mind opening to see the big picture and the purposes for many of the activities that are being taught in our new math curriculum.

I have had some concerns about how basic skill practice should be incorporated into the new math program our district has adopted. I would like to see as much growth with the Math skills in my students as do in reading and writing skills. I know that Whole Language without enough phonics was a disaster and I don't want to sacrifice my student's future Math skills to an experiment.

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