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Janet Voinov

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Encanto Science and Technology Magnet School

Hi - I'm a 30 year veteran of elementary education. I started as a kindergarten teacher at Keiller Elementary in San Diego City Schools. I planned on teaching kindergarten for my entire career but things and interests change. After a break in full time service (doing subbing and basic skills tutoring) a position came up in 3rd grade at Encanto Elementary, teaching math. I applied for the position and got it. First day of school, I came out of the classroom saying "Why didn't I do this years ago?" I stayed in 3rd grade at Encanto for 6 years and then transferred to 5th grade, teaching only math and science. As I went up in grade level, I realized I really was an upper grade teacher. After my one year at 5th grade, I was asked to take the math lab at Encanto. I spent one year in that position before taking the Project Resource position at Encanto. As a Project Resource teacher, I work with all teachers and all grade levels specifically doing hands-on math lessons as well as project resource responsibilities. Encanto is a Triton school and we are working on units dealing with Oceanography.



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