Rebecca Gaines

Mead Elementary School

Hello, my name is Rebecca Gaines.I am a teacher with San Diego Unified School District. I have taught for 24 years.I've taught kindergarten thru third grade.In the 24 years of teaching ,I have been involved with Bilingual Spanish ,Sheltered and Regular education.I am an American Indian.I am from the Yaqui-Apache tribes.My dad's name is "White Horse".My great-grandfather,two great-uncles were killed by the U.S. Calvery in the late 1800's.One great-grandfather fled to Texas with my grandmother.Xequal Atilano,my great-grandfather dicovered a gold mine but was killed for it.His widow was promised his weight in gold but the company which was connected to Texas government never paid. Today,my family is trying to be recognized as lost tribe members of the Pascua Yaquis of Arizona.I'm very interested in Indian Education.I would like to see a growth in American Indian students attending the universities.My own daughter would like to attend medical school. My hobbies include sewing, baking, art,quilting and gardening.I am a member of Assemby of God . I attend Mission Valley Fellowship.I enjoy teaching young children.I love developmental learning.I've taken LeAnna Trails Workshops,ELIC and Project Read.I hope to work closely with the local Indian tribes to improve school attendance.

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