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The goal of this workshop is to find useful pieces of software to enhance your classroom presentations. To make the best use of your time, skim the following list completely to see what is available. Then follow the links that relate to your needs.

Geometer's Sketchpad
Math Forum Annotated List of GSP Sketches
The Geometer's Sketchpad Gallery
Key Curriculum Press Product Information
Mathematica Home Page
Mathematica combines the compactness of mathematical notation with the precision of a computer language.
A first look at Mathematica
Mathematica for Precollege Teachers
Cabri Geometry
Cabri Geometry Sketches
Math Forum
Annotated List of Software
Searching the Math Forum
High School Teachers' Place
Elementary POW's
Middle School POW's
Geometry POW's
Career Paths
Math Forum: Exploring Data
Spreadsheet Problems
Suzanne Alejandre's Graphs
Educational Technology in the San Diego City Schools
Math Resources
Graphing Linear Equations
This site uses java applets and is very slow to load but worth the wait.
Manipula Math with Java
Collection of 100 plus Math Applets
Middle School
Mac Download Use the search engine to find math related software.
Texas Instruments
Educational Resources

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